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...a shameless altar to the band five-eight

This is an unofficial site devoted to the band five-eight, a collection of info and pix; it is still very much in the embryonic stage. I was hoping to be the first to get a five-eight site up and running, but then laziness and work and stuff kept it on the back burner for well over a year. Then five-eight set up their own official site which does a damn fine job of it anyway.

But there are some bits that I had finished; so I honed them a bit. The discography is now online and linked into the official site, but I'm keeping this pretty much unofficial so I can stay obnoxious and be frankly and unabashedly worshipful.

Five-eight is a band based in Athens, GA, USA. They are truly amazing, and fit no real category except rock. They rock, and rock well. Mike Mantione's lyrics are insightful, intelligent and often painful; the angst alleviated only by the power and beauty of the music itself.

Currently the only content here is a fairly attractive discography. See what you think.

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